Makers and Takers

Evil depends on the cooperation of its victims.

Evil only exists in as much as the good will tolerate it.

Humans have no right to demand or require the sacrifice of time, labor or money from other humans.

Every man is entitled to the profits of his own endeavors.

No man has the right to another man’s earning.

Taxation is extortion. There is a point of a gun, you just don’t see it.

When money is taken from the makers and given to the takers, the fundamental rights of the makers have been irrevocably damaged. The makers and the takers are not equal. The takers rights are superior.

There is a two-tiered system in America today. Half the people create and make and do. The other half fake and take and demand.

Since the progressive movement started in the early 20th century, we have been moving slowly – like the Titanic toward the iceberg – toward this two-tiered society.

Fourty-seven percent of Americans pay no federal income taxes. They do not help pay for the military, roads, airports, welfare, medical care, hospitals, schools – nothing.

At the end of the day these people are leeches.

The funny thing is that this rising evil is being sanctioned by us – the makers, the victims. We allow it to happen.

We have been asleep. We walk through our lives watching out for ourselves and our children. We pay the taxes even as they become more and more burdensome. We are living in lifeboats on the Titanic.

So when the ship finally hits the iceberg, we will be safe – right? We work and save and invest and we live in nice houses in nice neighborhoods. We have enough to see us through the hard times.

But what happens if our country, our economy, our way of life “tips” and falls over the edge. What if we have allowed ourselves to be bled to death by a million mosquitoes and leeches that are so tiny and have worked on us so slowly that we never really noticed how sick we are. What if we have stage four cancer already?

When the host finally dies, will the takers demand less from us?

Throughout the course of human history the answer to this question has always been no. The takers, the leeches, will turn into looters the minute their revenue stream is cut off.

Look at Greece – bankrupt – and yet the takers, who have bled their system dry, are now rioters and looters.


When was the last time a taker sent you a thank you note? Do they appreciate the fact that you support them? Are the makers in America lionized, as we should be, or are we demonized?

Not only are we expected to allow this evil to exist, we are told by the looters and the takers that it is our role, our duty, our place in life to be their support system.

We, the victims of this persistent evil, have allowed ourselves to fulfill this role.

We are sanctioning our own destruction.

Sixty million looters, leeches and moochers just re-elected a Marxist.

Are there enough of us left? Once we run out of money where will the blood we feed the leeches come from?

Will we have more rights or less rights once the pillaging starts?

Will America still be a free country?

The founding principal of America was this question – “Can man rule himself?”

Up until the founding of America, it was an unheard of philosophical question. There was always an assumption that a monarch, whether “benign” or tyrannical was necessary to rule over the masses.

Are we still free? Do we rule ourselves? Or are we nothing more than a big blood bag for the leeches?

We no longer rule ourselves. When the federal, state and local governments, plus taxes on everything we need – electricity, gas, cigarettes and booze – take more than 60% of our incomes, can we still call ourselves “free.”

We, the makers, are enslaved. We serve the leeches at gunpoint. We have allowed it to happen.

When will we stop?




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